REMC- Registration is CLOSED

REMC Sponsorship $5,000

  • Your company will sponsor all five divisions of Rodeo:
    Gas, Power, Telecom, Water & Locate From Hell (LFH)

  • Inclusion of your equipment at LFH –One Piece of Equipment

    • $2,500-Additional piece of equipment

  • We ask that you provide a representative to be on-site at LFH to assist with competition changes throughout the entirety of the event. This would be from 6:00 AM until the competition is completed.

  • We guarantee that every piece of equipment will be used to take the Master Measurements of the LFH ONLY.

  • Access to the LFH wheel prior to event to test your equipment on competition day. We ask that the equipment manufacturers trust the Event Site Committee to ensure the fair use of all equipment at the other 12 event sites, when taking Master Measurements.

  • 1 golf cart for your company to use on competition day

  • Any competitor who wins 1st Place in any division while using your equipment on all 3 event sites, or the LFH with your equipment will receive $1,000.00 from Rodeo in your company’s name. You will be on stage to present the check to the winner.

  • 10’ x 10’ booth space at the Expo

  • Your logo included in all Rodeo Marketing

  • Photos with winners & signed affidavit by competitor allowing you to use for marketing purposes

  • Full page, full color ad in Rodeo Program

  • Logo displayed on an all-inclusive REMC sponsor banner

  • Logo and company name listed on this page.

  • Use of Rodeo logo for 2018 calendar year

  • Thank you in the Rodeo & Expo Program

  • Recognition at Awards Banquet

2018 REMC Sponsors