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The mission of the International Locate Rodeo is to promote locating and damage prevention best practices, recognize locators for superior performance, and restore the pride and profession of underground utility locating.

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Phone: (417) 840-6574


MOCGA Board of Directors

Mark A. Woodward – Missouri Employers Mutual - President

Roy Crouch – Star Construction – Vice President

Amber Adcock – Liberty Utilities – Treasurer

Sarah Galbraith – Missouri811 – Secretary

Rudy Estrada – Spire Energy – Member At Large

MOCGA International Locate Rodeo Executive Planning Group

Nick Rasa – Missouri 811

Arch York – Kansas 811

Jeff Trowbridge – Subsurface Solutions

Rocky Harris – Springfield, MO City Utilities

International Utility Locate Rodeo Planning Team

Jerry Baker – Springfield, MO City Utilities

Charlie Peel – Missouri811

John Spatafora – Columbia, MO Water & Light

Travis Beran – Subsurface Solutions

Steve Hoover – Radiodetection

Flint Walton – Missouri Employers Mutual

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