Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to enter?
A: For the first time ever, participation in the International Locate Rodeo is offered completely free of charge to competitors.

Q: Can I sign up to compete on the utility type of my choice?
A: Yes. The competition will allow you to choose your preferred utility type.

Q: What if all of the 30 slots are already filled in the Division that I want to compete in?
A: Your only choice would be to select another Division. It is suggested that you register as early as possible in order to compete in the desired Division.

Q: Will the competitive events include all types of utility facilities?
A: Events will include the following utility types: water (metallic), natural gas (tracer wire and metallic), power, and telecommunications (including fiber, copper and CATV) will be involved.

Q: Will we have to sign a liability release?
A: Yes. Waivers will be available on site and must be completed as part of the on site registration process in order to compete.

Q: How many competitors can come from a single company?
A: There is no limitation on competitors by company.

Q: Will a paramedic be on the grounds?
A: First Aid kits and EMTs will be on site.

Q: Can family come to watch the competition, attend the Awards Banquet?
A: Yes! Watching at the competition site is free but they will need to let us know if they require transportation to the event site! They will also need to register as a guest and purchase tickets for the Awards Banquet if they wish to attend.

Q: Will chairs be available for family members and spectators?
A: In very limited quantities. Please feel free to let your family and friends know that bringing a collapsible chair is a great idea. Also, please check the forecast in advance of heading to the site to determine what type of clothing to pack.

Q: Will a concession stand be set up with soft drinks and food?
A: No. Competitors and volunteers will have snacks and drinks provided to them. Spectators should consider bringing their own.

Q: When do I need to check in for the Rodeo?
A: All participants must check in either on Wednesday evening December 11th from 7PM-9PM or on Thursday morning December 12th from 7AM-9AM at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center. A MANDATORY COMPETITORS’ MEETING will take place at the hotel at 5PM on 12/12. (All competitors
must attend to sign waivers and receive info packet) Missing the Mandatory Meetings may disqualify the competitor. Please plan travel plans accordingly. Traffic and weather events may cause serious delays at the airport and to the hotel. We encourage either coming in Wednesday night or on the earliest possible flight Thursday morning.

Q: What about parking at the Rodeo grounds?
A: All Competitors will be shuttled to and from the Hotel. Due to limited options, spectators are
encouraged to ride the shuttles with the competitors.

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The mission of the International Locate Rodeo is to promote locating and damage prevention best practices, recognize locators for superior performance, and restore the pride and profession of underground utility locating.

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